The Tea Tins – Tin package

Tea Tins – The box make from tin material which is the good ideal for tea to keep smell of its. Overal, we covered this box by a red color and apricot blossom symbol. Our designers make Tea Tins with tinny shape. People can store and reuse many times, small size tin box will bring a new experience for customers. Package in 75g vacuum pouch is suitable for tin box, which helps to preserve tea tasting perfection even though tea is stored on a yearly basis.

Moreover, convenient tea box with the compact size (7x7x8,5). We make  Tea Tins inside is a package 75g with outside box tin material makes tea storage more useful. Customers can reuse the box many times without affecting the tea taste. Especially with the professional  design team along with modern printing technology, it has created the luxury and sharpness when using complicated patterns, requiring high detail on the surface of the box to make the product complete good.

The Tea Tins –  Gift box

There are twelve kinds of green tea pack on the tin box and it cover 75g each of tea. Moreover, the tea tins can cover inside the gift box. In Vietnamese culture, the red color signifies good luck and it use the most during festival seasons. Bear that in mind, we design our box consists of a traditional red – colored box outside with inside packaging consists of several art – oriented black matte papers which brings elegance and sophistication for the gift set. Tea Tin Tea Gift Sets 3 (8 x 10 x 30cm) and Tea Tin Tea Gift Sets 2 (8 x 10 x 20cm), using the foil pressed printing on the red and black paper, the interior contains 2 or 3 tin boxes with the apricot blossom pattern to create the elegance for the gift box.

Tea Tins

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