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Handcrafted tea gift sets are an elegant shortcut to the heart of your recipients, as they entail distinctive and well-prepared tea flavors tailored to specific preferences. These premium packages also serve as a wonderful source of health benefits and stress alleviation. Even better, the customized and exquisitely engraved logos will leave an impactful remark on your business partners. Tra Viet indeed spoils you with colorful alternatives!

Gifts for Whom?

For Clients and Partners

Tea gift sets are the most forthright token to express your deep gratitude for clients and business partners. Their time-honored nature imparts a sense of antiquity and grandeur, delivering the message of long-lasting partnership and mutual respect.

For Employees

High-quality performances deserve high-quality merits, which manifest in these considerate tea gift sets. The tranquil and relaxing fragrances alleviate headaches and fatigue for your employees after strenuous workdays, boosting their motivation and productivity.

For Vendors

Tra Viet’s gorgeous packaging design and opulent tea aromas are perfect for vendor products. They will elevate the reputations of your businesses to new benchmarks.

A Diverse Array of Gift Box Designs

Tra Viet’s exceptional design team delivers an incredible assortment of gift boxes geared at all preferences. Browse through our collection to pick the optimal alternative for your demands!

Gifting on Special Occasions


A hot cup of tea with robust flavor can enliven a chilly winter day, spicing up festive Christmas celebrations spent with families and acquaintances. The recipient can sense your gratitude, respect, and affection embedded in such a meaningful gift.

Year-end Party

What a terrific way to conclude a memorable chapter with your customers and employees! Tra Viet tea gift sets celebrate current achievements, while delivering the sincere message of hope for a brighter future ahead.


The penning of a contract signals partnerships and joint efforts of the two corporations. Such an impactful milestone deserves some accolades! Customized logos of both businesses on a gorgeous designed package symbolize your strengthening bond and earnest wishes for future success.

10 Reasons To Confide in Tra Viet

Extensive Experience

Since its official launch in 2004, Tra Viet has undergone nearly two decades in operation, which has afforded us numerous opportunities to grasp the industry demands and clients’ particular preferences. Tra Viet successfully earns the trust of several market giants, such as Samsung, Toyota, LG, etc.

Dedicated Staff

Our business sets itself apart with a capable workforce, who oversees the most critical facets of the manufacturing processes for optimal efficacy. We have a devoted crew of Tea Masters to aid in our tea flavor enhancement, a creative and practical design team for the best package aesthetics, and a professional customer service staff to handle all your unexpected issues.

Free Logo Engraving

We provide this free-of-charge courtesy to our valued clients, adding more originality and imprint to your tea sets with customized logo engraving. Let your name be marked in your customers and partners’ minds!

Boxes, gift bags, and greeting cards are also covered in our service, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Special Discounts For Bulk Orders

Tra Viet offers a huge discount bonus for large-quantity purchases: 5% for 100 boxes, 7% for 500, and 10% for more than 1000. Our established free logo imprint and gift bags also save you substantial expenditure. Tra Viet is indeed an economical solution for corporate gifts.

Handpicked And Fresh Loose Leaf Tea

All Tra Viet’s tea components are handpicked loose leaf tea from Vietnam, which is 100% organic and retains numerous therapeutic benefits. 

Our client’s well-being is one of Tra Viet’s topmost goals at the end of the day. Sending a Tra Viet tea gift set to your clients and employees speaks your caring.

Custom Packaging

The primary feature of a gift package lies in its thoughtful catering to the recipient’s style. Tra Viet assures this criterion is fulfilled with its premium bespoke packaging. Your partner’s interests and personal tastes will be carefully considered, aiding us in constructing the best-suited tea sets.

High-end Materials

Each tea set produced by Tra Viet is a premium fusion of high-quality and certified boxing materials, namely art paper and New Zealand pine wood, coupled with intricate laminations and cutting-edge printing technologies. 

These combined features contribute to the product’s impressive durability, symbolizing the perpetual partnership between you and your fated recipient.

Simple Yet Elegant Design

Initial impressions always matter; after all, your recipient will first examine the package before unwrapping it to enjoy the well-chosen tea flavors within. Tra Viet’s capable design team will take care of this facet, assuring that your business partner will swoon at the elegant gift set at first sight.

Competitive Price Ranges

Our brand has diverse price ranges to accommodate corporations of varying sizes and budgets. At Tra Viet, you can be confident that we will deliver top-notch products at an affordable and competitive cost compared to other similar services.

A Little Vietnam Inside Each Tea Set

A unique tea set that embraces the most distinctive features of Vietnam’s life-long traditions is a major step-up over conventional and mass-produced gifts. Hence, it will leave an impactful mark on your recipient. 

Even when the tea has been all used up, the beautiful package with Vietnamese delicately imprinted artworks can be employed as a one-of-a-kind decoration item. Your receiver will always be reminded of your sincerity and thoughtfulness whenever they see it.

Get in touch with Tra Viet right away for the best corporate gift services!


1. How Much Tea Does A Tea Gift Box Have?

Tea quantities are entirely up to your discretion. We will consult each specific client to determine the optimal volume.

2. How Can We Make Sure We Get Our Gift on Time for Christmas?

Tra Viet will contact fast delivery programs for you once we have sufficient information about your desired reception timing. However, bear in mind that most shipping services tend to get slower during peak seasons. The best tactic is to place your order about one or two months earlier than your expected due date.

3. What Else Can We Customize Along With Logo?

Our customization services apply to logos and package design patterns alike. Choose a specific concept that you believe would work wonders for your recipient (or suited to a specific period, such as Christmas), and Tra Viet will strive to manifest that vision into reality.

4. Can We Choose Ingredients Inside Each Blend Tea Gift Set?

Of course, you can! And in certain cases, our Tea Masters will also lend some critical insights to help you yield the best combination.

5. Can Tra Viet Directly Ship To Our Staff And Clients?

Our answer is a definite Yes. Tra Viet has teamed up with DHL and FEDEX services, lauded for excellent product handling and fast delivery speeds. They will transfer your gift sets to any given address without major issues.

6. What Is The Minimum Order Amount For Corporate Gifts?

There is no minimum benchmark, though our corporational customer regulations only apply to orders of 50 boxes onwards.

7. Can Tra Viet Design Tea Gift Sets As We Require?

Of course, it is a yes. Our design team will accommodate all client requests and proposals, transforming their theoretical concepts into beautifully personalized tea gifts.

8. Does Tra Viet Need Deposit? How Much Should We Deposit?

Yes. As Tra Viet gift sets are tailored for your personal usage, we require a minimum deposit of 50% per contract.

9. Is There Any Special Pricing For B2B Customers?

Yes, we offer a special deal for large orders (5% for 100 boxes, 7% for 500, and 10% for more than 1000). Check out our B2B pages or contact Tra Viet via for more suggestions.

10. How To Order For B2B?

To place your order, fill in the form above. Another tactic is direct contact via (+084) 903377017.

11. Does Tra Viet Sell Wholesale For Retailers?

Yes. Send us your info, and Tra Viet will reach you as soon as possible for more detailed discussions.

12. Can Tra Viet Ship Out Of The USA?

For now, Tra Viet is not yet available outside Vietnam and the U.S. However, we are considering further expansion in the foreseeable future. Interested clients might contact us at