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Tea For Drinker

Who are tea drinkers?

Tea drinkers are those who frequently drink tea. They are people of peace, refinement, and good taste.

How do I know if someone drinks tea?

You can quickly notice that someone is a tea drinker when they regularly drink tea at work or home. In addition, you can also ask them how often they drink tea.

What kind of tea do tea drinkers usually drink?

Everyone has their preferences. In general, people of Asian descent prefer green tea, yet Americans and other ethnicities prefer black or herbal teas.

What kind of tea should I give the tea drinkers?

Of course, you should choose the one they like. However, you can also give them a box of new varieties of tea for them to try.

Should I choose tea as a Christmas gift for a Tea Drinker?

Of course, you should, and they'll love it. We may have a cup of tea and a pumpkin spiced scone beneath the evergreen wall sconce during Christmas. It's a lovely Christmas tradition to keep up.

Should I choose tea as a birthday gift for a Tea Drinker?

Of course, your tea drinker will have an exciting birthday with a cup of tea. Tea offers a wide variety of tastes and health advantages. 

You're missing out if you aren't drinking it. Tea is the ideal present to give to people you care about this holiday season since it serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy the festivities.

What is the difference between Tea Drinker and Tea Lover?

A tea drinker is a person who likes to drink tea often. A tea lover enjoys tea but may or may not consume it regularly.

What is the difference between a Tea Drinker and a Beginner?

“Tea Drinkers” are people who drink tea daily. The term “tea novice” refers to someone just beginning to drink tea.

What kind of tea does Tra Viet offer to tea drinkers?

We have oolong, jasmine, loose leaf black tea, ancient green tea, ginger, breakfast tea, etc.

Should I give loose leaf tea to Tea Drinkers?

Of course, it should because most tea drinkers understand loose leaf tea to be much higher quality than dust tea.

Why should I choose Vietnamese tea as a gift?

Tea production in Vietnam is in the world's top five. Green tea, black tea, and herbal tea are all readily accessible in the United States.

Vietnamese loose leaf tea taste and scent are rich, flowery, and delicate. The Vietnamese have used it for thousands of years to promote health.

A new wave of scientific research has also recognized tea as an outstanding health supplement. As a result, there's no reason not to give the gift of health to someone you care about.

Why should I choose TRAVIET Premium Tea Gift Set for Christmas?

Our gift set includes tea boxes with festive, wintery, and Christmas-related labels. The gift box stands out with the red color symbolizing Christmas.

We have a large variety of teas to pick from. Small and large gift sets are always available.

So you may offer your friends and family members their favorite tea or introduce them to a new tea.

How to start drinking tea?

  • Find the teas that you like the most.

Each type of tea has its distinct flavor and health advantages. There are wide varieties of tea at Tra Viet, so you're sure to find one you like.

  • Choose teas that are simple to brew 

When it comes to brewing tea, some are simpler than others. Flavored mixes are often more suited to western-style brewing than pure tea. 

If you enjoy a cup of tea that isn't bitter, you should look for those that aren't. Oolong tea doesn't grow bitter, making it a decent option for black tea enthusiasts. Green tea consumers, on the other hand, prefer Tieguanyin. 

  • Make a point of doing it regularly.

Become a regular tea drinker by making it a routine. With the correct teaware, you will be more likely to take time out of your day to enjoy a cup or two of tea each day. 

Consider bringing your favorite teas, mugs, and tea filters to work so that you may develop the habit of drinking your tea carefully.