Herbal Tea – Tea is made from fragrant aromatherapy

Vietnam is one of the tropical countries which has many types of herbal plant, such as: ginger, hibiscus, sweet leaves, chamomile, rose,…. All of that ingredients give us a lot of heath benefits. They are planted around Vietnam, especially in the North. So it has variety of types and rich in taste. The unique point of Tra Viet herbal tea is natural, high quality flowers and leaves. On the other hand, the use of freeze drying technology will keep raw materials retained original color. With the processing of raw materials meticulously, we want to bring customers the best herbal teas and enjoy easily with everyone.

herbal tea

Health Benefits

In Vietnam, Herbal tea is now popular. This is some famous tea and its benefits.

Chamomile Tea are sweet, cool. This drink has the effect of cooling the liver. It also prevents headaches, weak eyes, numbness, boils.

Voi Tea has a bitter warm taste. Effects: treatment of abdominal pain and dysentery.

Ginger tea has a warm spicy taste. The effects of this tea are abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, chills due to cold.

Peppermint Tea is an anti-inflammatory tea. It also helps you clear your nose. This is a very good herbal tea for health.

Cinnamon Tea helps your body fight viral infections, also lowers cholesterol and cures arthritis.

Dandelion Tea promotes urination and detoxifies the body, lowers blood pressure. It also helps with vision problems and iron deficiency

Hibiscus Tea also helps regulate high blood pressure. In addition, some other benefits of tea are lower cholesterol and improve digestion.

chamomile tea

How to brew this tea?

  • Preparation: large glass or teapot + Herbal Tea + boiling water
  • Drinking hot tea: Rinse teapot or glass by hot water
  • Put the tea bag in the teapot/glass. Then pour boiling water of 90 – 95 degrees into the teapot
  • Soak tea for 5 minutes, so you have a cup of aromatic tea.


  • Herbal tea in general and Herbal tea in particular is also very good when drinking cold.
  • Drinking cold tea: Remove the dregs of tea, take water, add ice or refrigerate for about 20 minutes and enjoy.

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