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Chuyên mục cập nhật các thông tin mới nhất của Trà Việt

  • Amazon coupons for first customers (expired)

    Dear Customer, Firstly, we hope our beloved customers are safe with COVID19. Understanding hard situation for buying tea from oversea. After long time to work with Amazon, we are happy to report that products of Tra Viet are launching at Amazon. So you can buy our products easily through by Amazon from home. And to […]

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  • Guan Yin Tea

    What Is Guan Yin Tea? Guan-yin tea (Tie Guan Yin tea) is one of the best teas that are good for people’s health and it depends on Oolong tea group. This tea has strong and sweet flavor, natural smell, and fresh yellow color. People usually name for Tie Guan Yin like “7 times using still keep good flavor” which means […]

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  • Bột trà xanh Matcha Nhật Bản dùng trong trà đạo Chado

    Chado Art First thing to remember, Chado is a drinking style that aim to a spirit valuation. Throughout all the tea celebration was set before, everyone drink tea in a nice and quite atmosphere. Just stop at the present time, enjoy a cup of nice tea and feel your inner peace. Moreover, Chado ceremony is […]

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  • IMG 3291 Pu erh Tea

    Different Names Of Pu erh tea There is a special type of Chinese tea called Pu erh tea or Pu’er. Traviet will show you in this page The Unique Characters People who make Pu erh tea selected from the Shan tea buds which grow on high mountains. The year-round cloud cover and the high temperature difference between day and […]

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  • Tea And Healths

    Tea And Healths The positive effects of tea have been recognized since the earliest days. People knew tea for thousands of years ago in Asia. It appears in most Oriental medicines. However, before learning about the medicinal properties of tea, please remember two things: Before Talking About Medicinal properties The drink is rich in flavor Firstly, […]

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  • How To Brew A Professional Oolong Teacup?

    How To Brew A Professional Oolong Teacup? How to brew a professional oolong teacup? is a common question of many people who have a passion for tea. All of them want to know how to brew a professional oolong teacup with only a view to enjoying the perfect flavors of tea. The methods I will […]

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  • Tea Storage

    Tea Storage Delicious tea always costs you a decent amount. So knowing properly tea storage will help you enjoy its value in every sip of tea. Tea makers handpick tea carefully, then sophisticatedly process to create rich and delicate flavors. To keep it up to your cup of tea, make sure you have followed the […]

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  • Matcha Green Tea Powder

    What Is Matcha Green Tea Powder? Matcha green tea powder is more and more popular in Vietnam nowadays. It is the most commonly used as bakery ingredient. But do you know that it comes from the premium tea for traditional tea ceremony in Japan? So there are many surprises I will introduce about this special […]

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  • Sensory Tea

    Sensory Tea It is difficult for every tea drinkers to describe the “good” taste or “bad” taste when drinking tea. Sensory Tea is very difficult to describe. So I often hear two most popular words, “bitter” and “sweet”. That is too general while the tea flavors world is very rich. This is a “dictionary” of […]

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  • How To Make A Cup Of Tea

    How To Make A Cup Of Tea How to make a cup of tea is a common question, people should follow some tips that make a cup of tea better. It depends on 3 factors: The temperature of water, time of brewing and the number of necessary teas. People commonly think that how to make […]

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