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Why Are Tea Gift Sets Perfect? 

There are many reasons why you should give tea gift sets to important people in your life.

Beautiful Package

Tra Viet uses pyramid bags to store tea, which are not only beautiful but also very safe to use. These bags can filter tea grounds completely when you brew them in hot water.

Their packages also come in three variations; all bring a luxurious feel. The receivers can use this gift as a decoration for their living rooms when they have not unboxed it.

The tea box of most sets is made of art paper. As you know, art paper is of high quality, delivering many beautiful and meaningful patterns on the smooth surface.

While paper packages deliver a delicate sense, Tra Viet also utilizes natural white pine from New Zealand to make their packages, known as a herbal remedy. 

The natural wood material makes the boxes durable and opulent. The top of the box is also carved with delicate patterns, deserving a high-end product.

But the best part is yet to come – the wooden lacquer box is indeed a legacy. On the glossy Platinum finish shine the traditional painting crafts, turning it into a real piece of art. It seems like all the beauty of nature reforms itself in this tea set, from the inside out.

Health Benefits

As a precious herbal product, tea contains a lot of health benefits. 

The tea leaves in Tra Viet sets are of the highest quality. Unlike regular dry tea leaves or ground tea pieces, Tra Viet uses only the buds and the top two leaves to preserve the essence of nature and bring the highest freshness.

The 3 types of fresh tea leaves that Tra Viet provides are:

  • Green tea: No oxidation
  • Oolong tea: Only a small amount of oxidation
  • Black tea: Complete oxidation
  • Herbal tea:

The natural ingredients of tea are the secret for the youth, slowing down the aging process. Every tea type has a high amount of polyphenols. This substance will improve our immune system and allow us to have better sleep.

Not only that, tea can prevent multiple types of diseases, such as cancer, heart attacks, digestive disorders, etc. It is also an effective wingman in nursing you back to health after an awful cold.

Giving tea to your loved ones is a symbol of wishing them a healthful and prosperous life without having to say a single word.

Relaxing Support

With an aromatic and light taste, tea allows the drinkers to feel peaceful in mind.

It has been proved by scientists that tea helps solve problems with insomnia. People who drink tea can have a better sleep at night. With enough sleep, you can stay active and strong in the morning of the following day.

As we can rest and relax well after drinking tea, our mood will be positively improved. Brewing the tea is also therapeutic itself, calming us down to prepare us for the long day ahead or a good night’s sleep.

Every sip of tea will remind the receivers about your wishes for them always to stay happy, calm, and peaceful.

Versatile Taste

At the moment, Tra Viet provides up to 12 different types of tea, including:

Chamomile Tea

This herbal tea gives you a gorgeous golden hue, packed with a sweet, apple-like taste and a floral scent lingering in the nose. Chamomile tea is a great insomnia remedy and a treatment for your acne-prone skin.

Oolong Tea

This tea is 30% oxidized when brewed. When drinking it, you can feel a sweet aroma, smooth taste and aftertaste. The special thing is, Oolong does not taste bitter.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C and contains no caffeine. After brewed, it smells like Black Tea but with a sweeter aroma.

Ha Giang Black Tea

This black tea is specifically harvested from Ha Giang province in Vietnam. It has a strong fragrance, a slight astringent taste and a sweet aftertaste. The Ha Giang Black Tea has a honey flavor, which is ideal for people who love sweetness.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has a spicy smell and flavor. This tea type helps you cure infection, flu, and osteoar- thritis.

Pu Erh Tea

Pu Erh tea looks brown when brewed. It is a little bit bitter to drink. However, the tea will leave behind a sweet aftertaste.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea has a light bitter taste. However, the tea is not hard to drink, due to the sweet flavor of lotus flower and the sweet aftertaste. 

White tea

White tea is highly delicate in flavor. Its taste is lightly sweet and not grassy. If you worry about the caffeine content, rest assured. White tea is low in caffeine.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has a strong fragrance. It is a little bit hard to drink due to the bitter taste.

On the positive side, Jasmine has a lot of health benefits. It helps slow down the aging process, prevent heart diseases, enhance the intestine, etc.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint has a sweet smell and a spicy taste. The tea made of peppermint leaves has no amount of caffeine.

The minty aroma of peppermint tea is also good for reducing stress.

If you buy peppermint tea from Tra Viet, you will have 2 options. This type of tea is sold in both tea bag form and loose leaf form.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea does not have a strong flavor. Instead, it is lightly sweet.

This type of tea is suitable to drink in the afternoon. It helps rewake your mind and body without causing insomnia at night.

Rose Tea

Rose Tea is a tea made from rose buds. The rose buds are naturally dry, so their color is attractive and the smell is seductive.

You can get a lot of health benefits from this type of tea. It contains a high amount of Vitamin C, which is good when you have a cold or a sore throat. In addition, rose tea improves the beauty of your hair and skin.

Every Tra Viet tea gift set contains 4 – 12 pyramid bags. The tea leaves in each set are carefully picked from the above 12 types.

The above reasons are more than enough to prove that tea is the best gift. Don’t hesitate to buy this product for your loved ones right away!

When Do You Need A Tea Gift Set?

You can prepare tea gifts for many occasions around the year.


Christmas is a great occasion, when you can give a meaningful gift to your loved ones, especially tea lovers. What meaningful gifts can be better than Tra Viet tea sets?

At the end of the year, people from everywhere will come home. All family members will be reunited, show affection, share stories, and give the best gifts to each other, and can you think of anything to accompany your stories better than tea?

Besides, you surely want your loved ones to have good health and stay happy after a hardworking year, right? Let tea gifts tell your wishes!

New Year

In Western culture, the new year is the time to celebrate and to start incubated plans. People wish that they get luck, success, and good things in the 12 coming months.

Many tea sets of Tra Viet are packaged in red color, which symbolizes luck and success. The bitter flavor of tea represents difficulty. But the sweet aftertaste means great achievement. As you give tea to your loved ones, you wish them success after they overcome difficulty.

In Eastern traditions, the Chinese new year is the union time. All people will come back to their family and sit together, talking about all achievements in the past and wish for luck in the future.

The tea is light and gentle. It will bring a peaceful atmosphere in the union time of all family members.

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping occasions in the year. On this day, most people will buy gifts for their friends, parents, lovers, and loved ones.

Giving clothing items is already so popular. Why don’t you give your loved ones some new special gifts? A tea gift set will definitely be a big surprise for them!

Valentine’s Day

Love is wonderful. On Valentine's Day, couples will give their best wishes to each other. Of course, the presents should be sweet and meaningful.

In this case, which gift can be more meaningful than tea? Tea represents a happy, peaceful, and beautiful relationship!

Mother’s and Father’s Day

Mother’s day and Father’s day are the perfect occasions when the children show their love and appreciation to the ones who gave birth to them. In fact, it might be hard to say sweet or meaningful words to our parents when we are adults. 

However, we can express our thoughts through tea gifts!

Tea will explain how much you care for your parents. Your fathers and mothers can understand that you wish them to stay young, healthy, and happy.


Birthdays happen once a year. It is a special time for people to mark their life from the day they were born. However, each person at a specific age will have different feelings about this occasion.

With kids, the birthday is a mark that they have grown up. What they have is the power of youth. As you give tea, you wish them to always be happy and stay active. 

For adults, every birthday is every milestone; may it be a promotion, marriage, having a baby, etc. What they need is health to celebrate more special occasions with loved ones. 

For the elderlies, birthdays are great happiness. This occasion is a mark that they have lived one more year. 

As long as they are in this life, their family will feel happy. As mentioned, tea is a symbol of health. It will deliver your endearing wishes of long lives to the receivers .


Engagement day can be considered a milestone for the beginning of a long-term fully-committed relationship. On this occasion, people give wishes and hopes for peaceful, sweet, and wonderful things.

Giving tea will be a great way to bless a couple with a harmonious life together.

Wedding Anniversary

The wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate the strong connection between two people. This occasion commemorates the grateful things between the wife and the husband throughout all trials and tribulations in their relationship.

Tea is the representation of peace and wholesome. It is definitely the best gift for the day when two people look back on all of their meaningful memories.


The housewarming ceremony marks the success in the life of the owner. After buying a new house, people always want to bring into it luck, success, and good things in the future.

What can be better than preparing tea as a gift? As mentioned, tea is a symbol of peace, happiness, and relaxation. When giving tea, you will wish the homeowner a life away from bad luck, stress, and illness.

Besides, the tea gift can be used as decoration for the new house with a luxurious package design.


After a period of dedication, we stop working and enjoy the last part of our lives. What we need most in this time is simply peace and comfort with family.

A warm cup of tea will help us relax and reminisce about the past in a positive way.

Tea Gift Set Ideas 

Tea gift sets can be used for multiple purposes. You can give tea to different people.

For Her

For women, scent and beauty must go hand in hand, and Tra Viet herbal teas serve her both. While herbs help preserve her youth, their scents say more than that.

A chamomile tea set for a gentle, graceful girl; and a set of hibiscus tea for your alluring, mysterious woman. They are the most gorgeous flowers God has sent to the world, and that’s what Tra Viet wants to tell them.

Gentlemen, if you’ve ever thought of taking her by surprise with a meaningful gift, it’s the right time!

For Him

Men like wine? Yes, but they are hungry for new things more. Why not satisfy him with a new hobby – drinking tea? He will soon get hooked on black tea if you tell him the story behind it.

Send your man a Pu Erh or Earl Grey tea set. Their flavor journeys start with a bitter kick on the tongue tip and end with a sweet aftertaste at the sore throat, just like the way he gains achievements in life.

Believe us or not, your man loves to hear your praise. And what can be more delicate to say those sweet compliments than a Tra Viet tea set? 

For Parents

Gifting on a special occasion like Mother’s or Father's Day is way meaningful and memorable, but who says you can only send them a present on those days? “Never pass up the chance to say “I love you”, because tomorrow isn't promised.”

Jazz up your parents’ afternoon tea time with a set of herbal or green tea for mom and black tea for dad. At the end of the day, what really matters is you do care about their hobby.

Next time when you visit them, don’t forget to take a tea set along and let it say your heart.

For Grandparents

Seniors don’t want to be your burden, so you’ll earn a smile on their face if your gift can make their lives easier and healthier. And Tra Viet sends them the most caring in-home nurses.

A set of Ha Giang black tea or ginger tea is sure to work the magic. These sets offer not only stronger immunity but also pleasant tastes to ease their mind and lull them to a sound sleep.

Their lives must be better with you and the Tra Viet tea set!

For Boss

Boss is a VIP person. Gift him an Oolong or Pu Erh tea set with a lacquer box, and you know he’s impressed. No one can deny its luxurious and loyal look.

No need to say a word, as this gift set screams out loud: “You are the most powerful person, boss!”

For Employees

Your employees are your true assets, as they significantly decide the success of your business. They deserve a pat on the back and, of course, a small gift from you.

A peppermint or white tea with low caffeine content yet still strong enough to boost their mood for a whole working day would be perfect. The best thing is, Tra Viet even offers you an elegant postcard to convey your messages. Throw your praises into it, and Tra Viet knows how to cheer your staff up.

That’s the secret of business relations – one stone kills two birds. You gain more productivity, and you win their hearts.

For Clients

With all users in mind, Tra Viet won’t let anyone behind even when you request large-quantity orders for your customers or partners. 

Apart from various flavors, Tra Viet can also print your company’s logo on the packages. As business owners, we all agree that this is a practical way to increase your brand awareness, not just to honor your loyal customers. Let Tra Viet give you a hand!


Below are some common questions you may have while finding gifts for tea lovers.

Can I Make Personalized Tea Gifts?

Why not? Tra Viet provides tea gifts in many beautiful packages that suit different occasions in the year. You can contact Tra Viet’s customer service to request a package that catches your eyes.

In addition, you can choose the tea type that you want. Tra Viet supplies up to 24 different kinds of special tea.

Is There Any Tea Product That Serves As Beauty Ones?

All tea products of Tra Viet can work to make you more beautiful. Every tea contains the following three ingredients:

  • Oil: Makes the aromatic smell and taste.
  • Polyphenols: Bring the bitter taste and health benefits to the drinkers.
  • Caffeine: Boosts drinkers’ energy level and awakeness.

As you see, polyphenols and caffeine are the two important ingredients that take care of your health, beauty, and daily efficiency. 

Polyphenols can prevent diseases that affect the skin and slow down aging processes. Besides, this ingredient allows you to have a better sleep. With enough sleep, you can avoid dark circles in the eyes, wrinkles, and pimples.

Caffeine allows you to stay active and awake at all times. You will always look full of energy. 

How Many Types Of Tea Can I Choose From?

Tra Viet provides up to 12 different types of tea. Here are some kinds of tea you can find a Tra Viet gift set.

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Ha Giang Black Tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Pu Erh Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • White Tea
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Rose Tea
Can My Tea Be Kept Fresh For A Long Time?

The fresh tea leaves can wilt quickly if you do not store them carefully. 

If you want your tea to keep the freshness over a long period, better follow the six storing rules:

  • Store the tea in a dry place
  • Keep the tea out of objects that have strong smells
  • Avoid placing tea under sunlight
  • Separate the tea into special groups, based on the taste, smell, varieties, and origin
  • Note the harvest time, buying date
  • Do not keep the tea without using it for too long

If you do the above tips, the tea leaves can stay fresh for about 3 – 4 months.