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Tea For Lover

Why should I choose Vietnamese tea as a gift?

Vietnam is one of the top 5 tea-producing nations in the world. Several types of green tea, black tea, and herbal tea are available in our country.

Vietnamese loose leaf tea boasts lush, floral, delicate aromas and saturated, colorful flavor notes. For thousands of years, the Vietnamese have consumed it to promote wellness.

In addition, a fresh wave of studies has also contributed to tea's universal acceptance as being excellent for health. Thus, there is no excuse not to offer your loved one this gift of health.[/vc_column_text]

What can I put in a gift for tea lovers?

  • Tea bags, assorted.
  • Loose-leaf teas, assorted.
  • Tea infuser.
  • Teapots
  • Teacups

We have categorized receivers into three categories: tea drinkers, tea lovers, and beginners. We have recommended appropriate teas for each category in each TRAVIET Premium Tea Gift Set.

So, you must choose the proper tea for each individual while choosing a kind of tea.

How to make a tea lover's gift box? 10

You may get any option from our recommendations, including oolong tea, Loose leaf black tea, Jasmine tea, Ancient Green tea, and Ginger tea.

What is the best gift for tea lovers? 0

The ideal gift for tea lovers should have three elements: delicious tea, elegant packaging, and uniqueness.

Why should I choose TRAVIET Premium Tea Gift Set for Tea Lovers?

The TRAVIET Premium Tea Gift Set is an artwork because it meets Tea Lovers' three elements: premium tea, elegant boxes, and uniqueness.

  • Premium tea:

All Tra Viet's products are loose leaf tea, harvested from the finest and most refined ingredients of tea trees and herbs.

  • Elegant boxes:

The box of Tra Viet is manufactured from high-class materials and technology. We provide luxurious sturdy boxes that are made of high-quality ribbed art paper with patterns printed by innovative metallographic printing technology.

We print traditional Vietnamese artwork like Dong Ho paintings or scenes of fields on the boxes. Therefore, the TRAVIET Premium Tea Gift Set is not only a tea gift but also a treasure of Vietnamese culture and nature.

  • Uniqueness:

Vietnamese tea that is both distinctive inside and outside will delight any tea enthusiast. There are many unusual and precious teas in the gift box, such as Ancient Green Tea, Loose leaf Black Tea, etc.

What goes with tea for a gift?

Of course, the star of your gift package is tea. However, you can include more items in the gift box.

For example, if someone enjoys tea with honey, you may provide them with a little container of honey so they can prepare tea or other beverages. Another excellent suggestion is to serve tea accompanied by jams and seeds.