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(Tea Horeca)

With many years experience as a gift to foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam, Tra Viet offers new product lines for high-end service groups. It also concludes hotel tea for 5-star hotels, luxury resorts, fancy restaurants,… Traditional green tea and herbal tea are packed with membrane-filter technology with ultrasonic. We wrap our products by a layer of aluminum foil wrapping paper. Therefore, this pyramid-shaped tea gifts bring High-end, compact, easy-to-use and high-class brand positioning of services with customers


High quality hotel tea

You are going to enjoy the highest quality tea bags.  It is made from tea sprouts, tea-buds, natural herbal tea and filter bag.

Ancient tea, Oolong tea, Top buds green tea… We also select each tea carefully from each tea bud to serve the best quality hotel tea.

Pyramid bag

Filter bags are manufactured in Japan with raw materials made from maize plant which is the highest quality tea filter nowadays. Specifically, technical seal of filer bags by ultrasonic wave create the Pyramid shape which is so unique.

Tea bag

The filter tea bag with four layers and especially thin aluminum layer moisture and light. Therefore, tea will have stability during storage.


Most of the tea bags on the market are dusty tea, chemical flavor and paper filter bags. With the improvement of technology together with the desire to create the safe and hight quality products for consumers, tea bag filter products of TraViet completely use natural raw materials and retain the original tea buds.

hotel tea

Our biggest difference is that it keeps the natural flavor of the tea when packed in a Pyramid filter bag. It also give to customer the truth feeling like brewing tea in the teapot. And you can see the whole tea leaves blooming directly.


With many years experience as a gift to foreign tourists when coming to Vietnam, Tra Viet offers new product lines for high-end service groups such as 5-star hotels, luxury resorts, …

Logo design

Your logo will be designed on Tra Viet products that you trust to co-brand your business.

Motifs changes

You can use motifs famous works, the main tourist destination or a restaurant – your hotel.

Tag tea design

Tag tea makes a lot of impression on your products. Customers will enjoy and never forget. It is also suitable for hotel tea.

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