Oolong Tea Couple Porcelain Plus


The size of Couple Porcelain Tea Sets Plus is 22 x 22 x 9cm. The tea gift box is made by hand with luxurious art paper outsite. It includes: one tea tin 75g, one porcelain teapot, two teacups.




About Couple porcelain tea sets plus

Couple porcelain tea sets plus, the delicate combination between the pure white porcelain and tea tins:

  • Impressive design: Porcelain teapot is round and delicate in design. The artist makes carefully about all details from the tap, the lid to the handle. Although handle is strange-looking but it is easy to hold. Especially, we make this porcelain tea set from Bat Trang villiage, the ancientest ceramic village in Vietnam.

In Vietnamese culture, the red color signifies good luck and we use it during festival seasons. Because of that, we have designed our Couple porcelain tea sets plus consists of a traditional red-colored box outside. Furthermore, with inside packaging consists of several art-oriented black matte papers which brings elegance and sophistication for the gift set. It also has the size is 22 x 22 x 9cm. Couple porcelain tea sets plus includes one pocerlain teapot, two tea cups and one tea tins.

The combination between Vietnamese finest teas and luxury porcelain tea sets

For those who drink tea, receiving gift of white porcelain, fancy and good function tea-set, and high quality tea is interesting. Understanding this, Vietnamese Tea with 13 years of experience in the tea – gift industry has launched a line of tea gifts that is a combination of beautiful tea-set and high quality teas, a thoughtful and professional gift.

There are 12 types of high quality tea which we have collected from the North to the South of Vietnam. Enjoying high quality tea has never been so easy. Only sitting at home, you can buy ancient tea in Tay Bac, Tay Ho lotus tea in Hanoi, Thai Nguyen green tea, top bud green tea of ​​famous Thai Nguyen region, or Oolong Tea, Lotus green tea, Jasmine green tea, Pandan Ginseng Green Tea… in Bao Loc region.

Beside that, we put tea leaves in vacuum silver bag, and store in modern tin boxes. With Couple porcelain tea sets plus, you can choose 2 of 12 different types of ​​Vietnamese Tea, increasing the chance to enjoy many kinds of good tea up to 2 times.

couple porcelain tea sets plus

Ấm chén sứ trắng

Hộp trà thiếc


サイズ 22 × 22 × 9 cm



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