Porcelain Tea Sets

The delicate combination between the pure white porcelain and natural bamboo

Impressive design

Porcelain teapot is round and delicate in design. Every details from the tap, the lid to the handle are carefully calculated and polished. Handle is strange-looking but very easy to hold. All beauty is gathered in Bat Trang elegant teapot.

  • Unique handle design
  • Wide mouth teapot
  • The lid of teapot fits into the mouth one
  • Perfect white glaze
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Elegant bamboo tea tray

The tea tray is made from natural bamboo, pressed into solid, durable and beautiful blocks, to keep natural color of bamboo, showing the whole beauty of bamboo texture.

  • Tray is rectangular, beveled angles, very gentle, elegant
  • Natural bamboo material
  • The tea tray is covered with a matt, waterproof and durable paint
  • Logo is printed on tray by heating method






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