Vietnamese Regions Tea

Vietnamese Regions Tea

Vietnamese tea originates mainly in 3 major areas, Thai Nguyen green tea, flavor tea, Bao Loc Oolong tea and many kinds of ancient shan tea in Tay Bac.

Vietnamese Tea

Famous Regions Tea In Vietnam

Tay Bac

In the majestic Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, the hundreds of years old tea trees wildly grow and are handcrafted by Vietnamese ethnic minorities. They create the famous teas: Ta Xua, Lung Phin, Ha Giang

Bao Loc

A large plateau and favorable climate make Bao Loc the most important tea area in Vietnam. It is famous for flavor teas.

Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen is the largest tea growing region in the North, famous for its small tea varieties, specialties are also curly shape.

Ha Noi

Ha Noi is the capital of thousands of years of Vietnamese people, where has the modish dynasty Tay Ho Lotus Tea

Vietnamese Tea

Bao Loc Tea

The favorable weather and climate make Bao Loc the most important tea region of Vietnam. It is characterized by traditional marinated teas such as Jasmine Tea, Lotus Green Tea, Pandan Green Tea … and also extensive green tea plantations of High quality Oolong Tea.

Thai Nguyen Tea

Thai Nguyen is the largest and most famous tea in the North Vietnam. It provides Thai Nguyen green tea for almost 100% Northerners. The flavor of tea is also distinctive bittersweet. The best place to grow Thai Nguyen green tea is Tan Cuong commune, which produces high quality top bud green tea.

Tay Bac Tea

Tay Bac is the cradle of the world tea with the tea forests in the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountains. Throughout the northwestern provinces have delicious quality tea because of Shan mountain tea. The most famous tea is Shan snow tea in Ha Giang and Ta Xua ancient tea.

Hanoi Tea

Hanoi can not be planted teas, but is included in the tea map because this is the ancient capital area associated with the civilization of Vietnam history. Moreover, this immemorial city contributed the value of Tea for Vietnam. Hanoi is also the place producing Phu Tay Ho Lotus green Tea.

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