Top Bud Green Tea

Tea Growing & Harvesting

The quality of tea belongs to many elements: cultivars, soil, manure, climate,  care skills,…. Especialy, harvesting skills play a key role to make high quality green tea. The first stage, people will choose cultivars. They eliminate grass around because grass will absorb nutrition from soil. Then, cultivars are put into container of water and make sure that all cultivars are totally submerged. Let the cultivars soak from 1 day to 2 days. This make the cultivars are absorb water because it helps speed up the germination process . The next stage, we can grow cultivars into land where we want: mountains, bottles,… The best season to grow tea is spring and autum. In this time, the weather is warm enough to growing. To make sure that people water and prune tea regularly beacuse facilitate new growth. People can pick top bud green tea after 1 year.

How to harvest tea in right way to make high quality green tea. The secret to make a great tea that is genre leaves which people collect . We just pick only the young, tender leaves and buds to make tea. People can pick top bud green tea in spring. They spread tea in a thin layer on a tray under the sun untill it is dry. After 7 days to 15 days, people can harvest tea one more time.

High Quality Green Tea

Why people just collect bud tea to produce tea. The answer is that the bud green tea is high levels of theanine, lower levels of catechins and lower levels of caffeine. However, once it becomes a leaf the theanine becomes converted into catechins and the leaf produces  more caffeine which not good for health. These chemicals are not only effect on body but also the taste. Therefore, people just pick bud green tea to make high quality green tea.

Types Of First Top Bud Green Tea

We can use top bud tea to make green tea such as: ancient green tea, top bud green tea, pandan green tea,…

top bud green tea

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