Tea set collections

Introducing Tra Viet tea set collections

Along with the market tendency and modern customer’s desire. Tra Viet – a Premium Tea Gift company such as ourselves have launched total 12 tea set collections, with or without tea. You can easily choose the one that is perfect for you or for your beloved one.

tu am su trang

The high quality tea set

What is the right quality of Porcelain and Glass Tea set? Well, that is a very common question that we have heard a lot. Now let’s find out, shall we?

There is a huge variety of teaware on the market and while personal preference should play a large part in your choice, it is worthwhile considering the impact that it will have on the taste and enjoyment of your drink.

Porcelain Tea pot :

The answer is “Looking the porcelain tea sets that is white, round, suitable to the hand. It’s a good one”.

Porcelain tea sets is one type of the honest teapot, correctly reflects the quality of tea. And we can use this tea pot to brew different types without any mixed taste.

These day, in terms of technology, white porcelain teapot and cup requires a closed production process and skilled craftsmen. Otherwise, the teapot and cup will be difficult to reach evenness and smooth surface. The important point, the glaze is even beautiful, not stained. So, you can recognize these technical standards in high quality porcelain tea set.

Glass Tea pot :

Glass is the ideal choices for Tea set, it will do very little to spoil the taste of the tea. Thicker cups will retain heat for longer, but are less pleasing on the lips than thinner ones.

Since it is transparent, you can watch the tea leaves unfurl and determine by color when to stop steeping. This is the ideal pot for blooming teas but also great for all tea types, so you can see the leaves unravel and flowers blossom. However, because glass is so delicate, it is prone to breakage and may stain on the spout. To prevent breaking, it is recommended to hand wash. Quality glass teapots are lead free and made of borosilicate glass like Glass tea pot in Tra Viet.

tea set

How to use and storage

One of the most annoying thing with Tea drinkers is about the stain that sticked on the Tea pot. Brewing tea quickly leaves stain or dark spot in and out. It’s hard to clean and not nice at all.

If you wanted to learn some tips, better take your notebook and pen out !

Tea pot is a familiar tool that being used daily. So you must be hate to face that stain or dark spot every single day. If you just use regular tap-water, those problem will never be sold. Then how about another chemical ? Absolutely NOT. Because the pot will easily stains all these chemical smell and flavor. And we bet that you will not like it if your pot and tea has any strange smell at all. That is why we are going to show you a really safe way to clean the pot. Let’s follow up !

You will need :

  • A Toothpaste
  • A Soft toothbrush, a wire toothbrush and a soft towel
  • Water and a dirty Tea pot.

Steps to follow :

1. Firstly, clean the Tea pot with water.

2. Secondly, apply toothpaste onto the soft towel, use it to wipe all round the pot in and out. You should focus on where the stain stick the most. And wait for a minute.

3. Next step, use toothbrush to wipe off every corner on the Tea pot.

4. Use wire toothbrush to clean the tap

4. Use the towel to clean it again.

5. Last step, rinse again with water and let it dry.


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