Porcelain Tea Sets

The Beauty Of Porcelain Tea Sets

Spending time with friend or family or even just by yourself. A perfect Tea set with couple cups will give you a piece of mind even on the darkest day. And a porcelain tea sets will be a good choice for a true tea-lovers.

The Quality Of Porcelain 

What is the right quality of Porcelain Tea set? Well, that is a very common question that we have heard a lot. The answer is “Looking the porcelain tea sets that is white, round, suitable to the hand. It’s a good one”.

Porcelain tea sets is one type of the honest teapot, correctly reflects the quality of tea. And we can use this tea pot to brew different types without any mixed taste.

These day, in terms of technology, white porcelain teapot and cup requires a closed production process and skilled craftsmen. Otherwise, the teapot and cup will be difficult to reach evenness and smooth surface. The important point, the glaze is even beautiful, not stained. So, you can recognize these technical standards in high quality porcelain tea set.

The Character Of Porcelain Tea Sets In Tra Viet

The delicate combination between the pure white porcelain and natural bamboo:

  • Impressive design: Porcelain teapot is round and delicate in design. The artist makes carefully about all details from the tap, the lid to the handle. Although handle is strange-looking but it is easy to hold. Especially, we make this porcelain tea set from Bat Trang villiage, the ancientest ceramic village in Vietnam.
  • Elegant bamboo tea tray: we use natural bamboo to make tea tray. There are some unique characters about bamboo tray: press into solid, durable and beautiful blocks. Furthermore, we keep natural color of bamboo to show the whole beauty of bamboo texture.

In addition, the white porcelain teapot from Tra Viet has a unique handle, good drainage. So it will definitely help you have a good teapot easily.  All help you to make tea easily.


The usage and storage

One of the most annoying thing with Tea drinkers is about the stain that sticked on the Tea pot. Brewing tea quickly leaves stain or dark spot in and out. It’s hard to clean and not nice at all.

If you wanted to learn some tips, better take your notebook and pen out !

Tea pot is a familiar tool that being used daily. So you must be hate to face that stain or dark spot every single day. If you just use regular tap-water, those problem will never be sold. Then how about another chemical ? Absolutely NOT. Because the pot will easily stains all these chemical smell and flavor. And we bet that you will not like it if your pot and tea has any strange smell at all. That is why we are going to show you a really safe way to clean the pot. Let’s follow up !

Rửa ấm trà - chuẩn bị

What you will need are :

  • A Toothpaste
  • A Soft toothbrush, a wire toothbrush and a soft towel
  • Water and a dirty Tea pot.

How to clean Tea pot :

Rửa ấm trà - làm ướt nước


 Firstly, clean the Tea pot with water.

Rửa ấm trà - bôi kem đánh răng


Secondly, apply toothpaste onto the soft towel, use it to wipe all round the pot in and out. You should focus on where the stain stick the most. And wait for a minute.

Rửa ấm trà - trà rửa ấm


Next step, use toothbrush to wipe off every corner on the Tea pot.

Rửa ấm trà - thông vòi ấm


Use wire toothbrush to clean the tap

Rửa ấm trà - lau rửa bằng khăn ẩm


Use the towel to clean it again.

Rửa ấm trà - lau lại


Last step, rinse again with water and let it dry.

Rửa ấm trà - bằng kem đánh răng


More Tips :

  • If the Tea pot is too dirty, you should keep the toothpaste longer in the pot before brushing.
  • Also, It isn’t necessary to clean the Tea pot right after use. You just need to rinse it carefully with tap-water and use boiling water to rinse again and let it dry.
  • Besides, you can use this technique to clean Glass tea pot and Ceramic tea pot as well.
  • Last but not least, you can also use Baking soda to “Boil” the Tea pot, soak over night. Then use toothbrush to clean. The result will be as good as using toothpaste.
porcelain tea sets

how to clean porcelain tea sets

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