How To Make A Cup Of Tea

How to make a cup of tea is a common question, people should follow some tips that make a cup of tea better. It depends on 3 factors: The temperature of water, time of brewing and the number of necessary teas. People commonly think that how to make a cup of tea needs to be meticulous and to experience sophisticated. That is the reason why nowaday there are 2 types of school: the first school is cursory because of not caring and the second school is over-meticulous or unrealistic. I will give you 3 simple main points to know how to make a cup of tea correctly.

3 Most Important Factors In Making Tea

All of the people know some simple steps to make tea. That is using boil water to brew dried tea leaves in the teacups and pour it into bowl or glass to enjoy. Making a perfect cup of tea is not so complicated that you must be a professional or specialist. However, it’s not merely to brew tea in a teacup.

Tips to make a perfect cup of tea is in 3 factors: water temperature, the number of teas, and time to brew.

Water temperature

It is clear that making tea need to boil water. Yet it depends on what kind of tea that you make and the differences in temperature in different tea types. Boiled water is only suitable for old wu long tea or black tea. Besides, they need high temperature to break the tea constructions and spread the tastes. With some teas that have subtle flavors like green tea or wu long tea, people usually use boiled water that is less boiled.

Using over boiled water will burn tea, make tea bitter and loss the subtle flavors. On the other hand, if people use water that’s not hot enough, it will make tea flavors weak and loss because of not dissolving with substances.

Tea quantity

Using lots of tea quantities will make tea be over bitter and wasted. However, using fewer tea quantities will make their flavors weak and can not enjoy. It depends on the different kinds of tea that it’s different about the quantities. Use can use 8 grams of dried tea leaves for a 300 ml water of teacup and then you can control your needs to be suitable for your taste.

Time to brew tea

The important thing people should care about is to “Soak the tea”. Although it’s important, most of the people make mistake with this problem. It will make tea over bitter and dark colors. It’s like the water temperature, every kind of teas will have the unique time to brew. Black tea and wu long tea can soak longer but green tea is opposite.

Overall, people use seconds to calculate the time to brew tea but not using minute.

How To Make A Cup Of TeaSteps To Make A Cup Of Tea

Tra Viet encourages people to use this 7 steps to make tea. The first things you need to have is tea, teacup, and boiled water.

  1. boil water: It makes sure that you use the mineral water and let it under the boiled temperature. The suitable temperature is about 75 – 98 Celsius degree.
  2. warming tea set: When the pot boil water, you pour water into the teacup, close the lid. When teacup warm, you pour all water that is brewing the tea out of teacup and glass.
  3. Measure tea quantity: Put the tea into the teapot. The number of tea is depensible. Frequently people use 1/5 to 1/2 teapot.
  4. Wake tea up: Pour hot water into the teapot and pour it out as soon as possible.
    • This water is not used for drink. It helps tea leaves out.
    • Hot water can wake tea up except for boiled water.
  5. Steeping tea: Pour hot water into the teapot, close the lid, and brew tea in 10 to 40 seconds. This is the critical step in making tea. Make sure that the water temperature and time to brew tea is suitable for different kinds of tea.
  6. Pouring tea: After 10 to 40 seconds, pour the warm water into the decanter. Then pour it into the glass. Decanter is so important. It can help you stop processing to brew tea in the teapot. You should pour it fastly.
  7. Brewing tea for the next time: repeat step 5 and step 6 for the next brewing time. It will need more time for brewing than the first time do.

Some Tips To Make A Cup Of Tea

  1. Start with the small buttons and the thin teapot.
  2. Use mineral water to brew tea.
  3. Don’t need to use thermometer.
  4. If you want to the higher flavor, add more number of tea.


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