Tea Gifts

Luxury Tea Gifts for Festival and Holidays which are selected from high quality teas and herbals in Vietnam.

We are professional tea company in Vietnam. Our team have traveled around Vietnam to collect the finest tea for customers. Furthermore, the perfect combination between the finest Vietnamese tea and luxurious gift boxes. Therefore customers have many choices on Holidays and Festival.

Vietnamese tea world

The perfect collection tea around Vietnam including 12 types of traditional high quality tea (from green tea to dark tea) and 12 herbal tea types which have rich floral smell.

Professional tea gifts set

We use two materials to make tea set. The first one is glass which has wonderful material to help you enjoy the water color and the magic of tea bud during brewing tea. The second one is porcelain. It is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin which created the high-level, hardness, whiteness. Besides of that, the perfect combination among finest Vietnamese teas, high quality teawares and natural bamboo will give you the best one.

Premium tea gifts

Our team with professional and talent designers have created unique and superior designs for customers. 

Collection tea gifts

Lauching Business Gifts

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