Superior porcelain tea sets


Superior Porcelain Tea Sets, which is considered to be an honest teapot, correctly reflects the quality of tea, and is not affected by the taste of the tea you have brewed before. Besides, the white porcelain tea of ​​Vietnamese Tea has a unique handle and good drainage, so it will definitely help you have a good tea cup easily.

Designed for the hole of family or office, tea set with six cups of high-grade white porcelain combines with natural bamboo tray to create a truly classy and luxurious.



About Superior porcelain tea sets

Superior porcelain tea sets, the combination between white porcelain and natural bamboo tray:

  • Impressive design: Porcelain teapot is round and delicate in design. The artist makes carefully about all details from the tap, the lid to the handle. Although handle is strange-looking but it is easy to hold. Especially, we make this porcelain tea set from Bat Trang villiage. This is the ancientest ceramic village in Vietnam.
  • Elegant bamboo tea tray: we use natural bamboo to make tea tray. There are some unique characters about bamboo tray. First, we press it into solid, durable and beautiful blocks. Furthermore, we keep natural color of bamboo to show the whole beauty of bamboo texture.

In Vietnamese culture, the red color signifies good luck and we use it during festival seasons. Because of that, we have designed our Superior porcelain tea sets consists of a traditional red-colored box outside. Furthermore, with inside packaging consists of several art-oriented black matte papers which brings elegance and sophistication for the gift set. It also has the size is 30 x 21 x 10 cm. This gift set includes one pocerlain teapot, four tea cups and one bamboo tray. They make all by handmade.

Why choose porcelain tea sets ?

Superior porcelain tea sets is one type of the honest teapot, correctly reflects the quality of tea. And we can use this tea pot to brew different types without any mixed taste. Besides that, the white porcelain tea set has a unique handle and good drainage. So it will definitely help you have a good tea cup easily.

In terms of technology, white porcelain teapot and cup requires a closed production process and skilled craftsmen. Otherwise, the teapot and cup will be difficult to reach evenness and smooth surface. The important point, the glaze is even beautiful, not stained. So, you can recognize these technical standards in high quality porcelain tea set.

In addition, the white porcelain teapot from Tra Viet has a unique handle, good drainage. So it will definitely help you have a good teapot easily. Looking the porcelain tea-set that is white, round, suitable to the hand. All help you to make tea easily.


Gift set with superior porcelain tea sets

porcelain tea set

Additional information

Dimensions 39 × 22 × 10 cm


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