Pu-erh Tea


Pu’er tea is a variety of fermented tea produced in Tay Bac, Vietnam. Pu-erh has a light brown appearance, gently bitter, sweet aftertaste, red liquid, light, pleasant aromas of pine and fried wood ear for its prolonged aging and storage.

Pu’er tea is well-known for its rich health benefits. It helps prevent cancer and heart diseases, improve the intestine, lower cholesterol, lose weight, bring an alert mind, and many other benefits.



Pu erh tea

Pu erh tea is a tea type which the producer select carefully top bud and 2-3 tea leaves from the ancient tea trees and Shan tea trees. All of tea trees belong to C. sinensis var. assamica in the high mountains. The place where clouds cover all year round and the difference of temperature between day and night is high. In Vietnam, there are some provinces like: Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Yen Bai and Dien Bien have ancient tea trees. But Ha Giang has larger forest where has many ancient tea trees and Shan tea inside.

Scientifically, Pu erh tea undergoes post-processing fermentation. Normally, this step will happen during storage time. If we compare between pu erh with others tea, the oxidation will happen in the manufacturing process.

Because of that, the post-processing fermentation improves the taste of tea. It reduces the bitter to be sweeter and the strong taste to be light. And gradually the tea leaves will change during the storage time, from green color to yellow and black later.

Like the Yixing teapot that is associated with Yixing clay which belongs to Jiangsu province. Pu erh tea is also closely tied to the tea qualities of the Pu erh region, near southern China. The place where has ancient tea trees that grow wild on the high mountains with good quality.

How to make a good cup of pu erh tea?

The producer storge pu erh tea by pressing it like round cake or mini one which shape is very hard. So, when brewing this tea, we should use high temperature around 95℃ (203℉). If we use the lower degree, the tea leaves won’t open enough and the taste isn’t good.

There are some techniques to make a good tea cup:

  • Firstly: preheat the teaset by boiling water, then pouring the amount of tea leaves into the teapot. You can control your taste by the amount of tea leaves.
  • Next: Wake up the tea leaves: pour the hot water into teapot with temperature is 95℃ (203℉) for 1 minute.
  • Finally: steeping tea: pour the hot water into teapot with temperature is 95℃ (203℉) for 20 – 25 seconds. Then pour out of tea water into each tea cup and enjoy. Remember that open the lid of teapot while waiting for the next infusion.

Pu erh tea can be brewed more than 10 infusions.

Pu erh
Pu’er tea cake
brewing pu erh tea
Pu erh tea cup

How to brew Pu-erh Tea

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

West North of Vietnam


top bud and 3 – 4 tea leaves

Infusion temperature


Infusion time

30 – 45 seconds


strong red




strong taste, sweet aftertaste


10 times

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Classic Gift Box 2, small box 100g


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