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  • hop tu quy go open crop top Tea Box

    Tea box –  Premium Tea Gift Our team at TraViet consists of a team of tea expert together with a professional designing team, which make us the feild leader when it comes to providing customized gift sets for corporation, travelling tea gift, 5-stars hotel, luxury resort. Moreover, TraViet Tea Box have many options for customer […]

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  • DSC00611 Fotor Tea Tins

     The Tea Tins - Tin package Tea Tins - The box make from tin material which is the good ideal for tea to keep smell of its. Overal, we covered this box by a red color and apricot blossom symbol. Our designers make Tea Tins with tinny shape. People can store and reuse many times, small size [...] Continue Reading
  • tra xa chanh Herbal Tea

    Herbal Tea - Tea is made from fragrant aromatherapy Vietnam is one of the tropical countries which has many types of herbal plant, such as: ginger, hibiscus, sweet leaves, chamomile, rose,…. All of that ingredients give us a lot of heath benefits. They are planted around Vietnam, especially in the North. So it has variety of [...] Continue Reading
  • Tea Gift Sets

    Tea Gift Sets Luxury gifts for tea lovers in your life – look here to find the perfect tea gift sets, tea tin gifts, or boxes for the ones you love. Our gifts are designed specially for tea drinkers. Moreover, our gourmet tea gifts have much to offer for men and women alike. A perfect […]

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  • Green Tea

    Green Tea is a natural and pure gift for people. Previously, the most of teas in Vietnam are green tea. And we actually do not have many kinds of tea. So people often only know tea by the specific name, such as Thai Nguyen tea, lotus tea, jasmine tea, Oolong tea … But recently, Vietnam has […]

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